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Turning the Tables

Come and create with us!

פוסטר הופכות 'תיוצרות מאת אורין יוחנן

An interactive and educational work in which the audience creates several short dance performances with a pair of virtuosic dancers.

In Turning the Tables, the dancers present a basic movement sequence and explain to the audience different fascinating tools which are available in the process of creating a dance performance. The viewers become the creators of the piece and choose how the next move will be made, thus experiencing in real-time the power of artistic choice to produce new and different stories time after time.

A variety of concepts that make up the act of choreography receive immediate explanation, interpretation and illustration; what is a composition in space? What are the differences between movement qualities? How does the soundtrack impact the story? How does the style of costumes transform the characters? and more...

Turning the Tables turns the rules around and allows the audience to create something out of nothing - an experience/ show/ story/ movement; to fulfill the fantasy of creating a dance piece in real-time, and learn a lot along the way!

The work was inspired by the Life in Movement project of the Choreographers' Association and Mifal HaPais and propelled by the agenda to offer accessible, interactive and enjoyable education for intelligent dance-viewing.


6/11/21 Samuel Rubin Cultural Center, Arad

1/11/21 Alfa Studio, Tel Aviv

7/7/21 The Hebrew Youth House, Jerusalem

Available for booking, please contact us for information.

Concept, Creation, Production | Oryan Yohanan

Dance and Instruction | Dana Zecharia and Oryan Yohanan

Pictures and Trailer | Efrat Mazor

Graphic Design | Sigal Mitgartz

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