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These 2 Shall Pass

The female being- between object and subject

גם זה יעבור לך צילום סשה איידלמן

Photo by Sasha Eidelman

An animalistic, grotesque, sexy, exciting and self-humored duet that stirs, bewitches and presents an eye-opening take on the feminine experience.

"Women are not an animal you can beat... there is insight and there is intelligence and there is cognition and there are feelings... women are animals. Animals with rights" 

(Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2020)

In an era in which there is a constant strive for the next "hot" thing and in the midst of a global process of recognizing gender inequality, Oryan and Ilana investigate, have fun with, and go wild by the common and contradictory statement "this too shall pass". 


"As women, we are fed up with the multitude of "advises" directed at us nonstop. It seems that everyone has better insight for us on how to be a better woman, a calm woman, an attractive woman, an easygoing woman, a woman who constantly needs to change and adapt herself. We find ourselves in an absurd situation in which we are in a constant internal conflict, that raises many questions: what am I REALLY going through? What is passing through me? What will pass? And what will remain?"

In the piece they sing, dance, act, cry and laugh, testing out a woman in front of another woman, a woman in front of herself, and a woman in front of man.

These 2 Shall Pass examines different states of tension that arise in the collision between two opposites; between social dictates and personal and authentic desires; between accepted aesthetic models and the ability to break them in search of a personal voice; between the glorification and objectification of women in popular culture, and censorship and oppression in religion; between the rape-culture and violence against women, and women’s biological power to create life and strive for peace; between the language, that creates reality, and reality that misses us out.

These 2 Shall Pass were created as part of the 'Manual Labor’ project by Clipa Theater, 2022



From the press-


"The hot-cold which combines Pop-Art and expressionism is so extreme that it had no chance to work well if it wasn’t performed by two super-performers."

"And that is the marvelous achievement of Yohanan and Bellahsen: from the anxiety and the rage on the lost authenticity, from the quotations and the duplications, they refine in a kind of alchemy a shared, emotional and artistic authenticity."

Marit Ben Israel, City of Happiness.


21/8/23 Alfa Studio Tel Aviv

5/7/23 MASH Machol Shalen Dance House Jerusalem

1/7/23 "Life in Dance" Mitar Community Center

29/6/23 Alfa Studio Tel Aviv

27/5/23 Pesaro Danza Focus Festival, Pesaro- Italy

2/12/22 International Exposer Suzanne Dellal, Tel-Aviv 

22/10/22 Alfa Studio, Tel-Aviv

22/9/22 Alfa Studio, Tel-Aviv

13/8/22 Alfa Studio, Tel-Aviv

11/8/22 Alfa Studio, Tel-Aviv

2/8/22 Alfa Studio, Tel-Aviv

20/7/22 Alfa Studio, Tel-Aviv

7/7/22 Alfa Studio, Tel-Aviv

5/7/22 The Hebrew Youth House, Jerusalem

30/6/22 Musa- Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv 

2/6/22 Alfa Studio, Tel-Aviv

19/5/22 Alfa Studio, Tel-Aviv

6/5/22 Alfa Studio, Tel-Aviv

30/4/22 Premiere, Alfa Studio, Tel-Aviv

23/4/22 Pre-premiere, Alfa Studio, Tel-Aviv

7/4/22 Pre-premiere, Alfa Studio, Tel-Aviv

Creation, Performance, Design and Production | Oryan Yohanan & Ilana Sarah Claire Bellahsen

Artistic Adviser | Idit Herman

Vocal and Musical Guidance | Reut Rivka & Yoav Weiss

Video and Editing | Itzik Amar

PR | Karnit Aharoni & Bareket Sosia

Manual Labor Project Coordinator | Nilli Maman

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