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Solo of the Lost and Found
Autobiographical monodrama

 אבידות ומציאות - תמונה ראשית צילום נילי ממן

Photo by Nili Maman

The artist seeks to dismantle the load of knowledge and imagery that has been accumulated over her years of experience as a dancer and creator and build an ecstatic journey through which she will be able to open a new chapter of exploration.

Through the skilled, evolving and ever-changing body, she generates a ritual of letting go of accumulated truths, insights and memories engraved in her body, in order to make space for new knowledge and sensations. 

Can the past be recaptured? Can we find certainty in the future? 
This is a solo of farewell and reencounter; an ode to longing and change.
Infinite knowledge is stored in your body
And it still seems like you know nothing, 
Look for that elusive moment 
Where you can hold once more
A little piece of truth. 
Kill yourself mercilessly 
And allow yourself to be born once

 סולו אבידות ומציאות - צילום נילי ממן

Photo by Nili Maman


19/7/23 Bikurey Ha'etim, Tel-Aviv

18-30/12/22 - Development Residency, Bikurey Ha'itim, Tel Aviv

10/9/22 Premiere - Trialogfem Festival, La Laboral Theater, Gijon- Spain

4/9/22 Pre premiere, Alfa Studio Tel Aviv

The piece was invited by Trialogfem 2022 Festival together with the artist’s master class at La Laboral Theater, Gijon. Asturias – Spain

Creation, Performance, Text & Design | Oryan Yohanan

Rehearsal Manager | Kazuyo Shionoiri

Music Adviser | Ophir Ilzetzky

Artistic Advisers | Dana Raz, Hagar Enosh

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