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Shoot Me
A dance-theater monodrama and interactive trash

After conquering the most important stages in Israel and abroad, as a dancer with rare qualities and as a multidisciplinary artist, in summer 2007 Oryan Yohanan found herself competing as a finalist in the reality TV show "Move It Israel" she decided to participate on.

Yohanan has processed this experience in the entertainment world, and created a "reality-show star guide" in which she teaches the viewers how to stand tall while being humiliated, how to remain sexy even when exhausted, how to always smile, especially through the pain, and how to fly high with two chopped wings.

Shoot Me investigates the sadistic/masochistic elements in the relationship between the artist and the love of the audience, while dealing with the struggles women face in the entertainment world and in society in general. She presents a profound observation on the double standard that dictates women’s lives – objectification and censorship, glorification and exclusion.

An interactive-attractive piece in which the artist allegedly performs an affirmative action by addressing the audience in the feminine linguistic form while actually, this affirmative action receives a new meaning.

"Shoot Me is a monodrama of theatrical dance, humorous yet disturbing, discomforting but at the same time mesmerizing."

As part of the show the audience is invited to take a selfie with the star and upload it to Shoot Me Instagram page


  • Instagram Shoot_me

Creation, Design, Text and Performance | Oryan Yohanan

Music and Soundtrack | Gal Hochberg

Lighting Design | Omer Sheizaf

Artistic Guidance | Idit Herman

Created with the support of Curtain Up Festival Tel Aviv 2017

"Oryan Yohanan is a phenomenal performer, funny, sexy and original. This is a show which verges on stand-up comedy" Tami Katz Luria, Yekum Tarbut

"Shoot Me is an interesting show, super complexed, even complicated. It is the fruit of an abounding artist who is full of ideas, a wise and curious creator, someone who wants to say things, and not only show her abilities" Ora Brafman, DanceTalk

​"Yohanan is a smart and charismatic creator who knows how to hold the stage, and takes no hostages…" Anat Zeharia, Yediot Aharonotonot


14/12/2018 TanzFaktur Koln, Germany

27/9/2018 HaBait Theater, Tel-Aviv

25/11/2017 Suzan Dallal Center, Tel-Aviv

23/11/2017 Mazia Theater, Jerusalem

16/11/2017 Suzan Dallal Center, Tel-Aviv

6/11/2017 Zichri Theater, Ga'aton

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