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Planning a Vacation From Myself. Checking Costs
Autobiographical Piece and Post Trauma

"A moment before he died, when I realized what was going to happen, I froze. Everything kept moving around me like in virtual reality, but I couldn’t do anything."

Idit Herman’s partner for life and creation – Dima Tulpanov – passed away early and suddenly. The sudden loss burst the bubble that held Herman’s worldview and artistic beliefs and punctured the idea that art can save us.

The artist Oryan Yohanan poses the question: if life is fragile and bigger than art, how can the vacuum still be contained?

Planning A Vacation from Myself. Checking Costs by Oryan Yohanan is a piece set inside the abyss that opens up at the moment of loss. The piece presents an unmasked, performative dialogue between Yohanan and her mentor Idit Herman, artistic director of Clipa Theater. Only now the tables are turned and Herman, who accompanied Yohanan as an artistic advisor in her previous pieces, now participates in the piece as matter at the hand of the creator.

"Planning A Vacation from Myself. Checking Costs is a ‘non-play’ performance, allowing anger, boredom and pain to break into the scenario in favor of true emotions. It at times raises the hairs on the back of your neck and makes you shiver, or it can make the audience wait in complete emptiness"

The work focuses on the void that opens up in the moment of trauma, in which it seems as if everything around you freezes and you are unable to move. “We are talking about a few seconds, but that kind of fall out of time breaks your world view by making you fall – almost physically – onto the infinite abyss in which we exist, and exposes the fragility of the membrane we call reality"

Creator, Design, Performer | Oryan Yohanan

Co- Creator and Performer | Idit Herman

Soundtrack | Gal Hochberg

Light Design | Yanir Liberman

Artistic Advisors | Erez Maayan and Anat Katz

Dramaturgy | Yael Biegon-Citron

PR | Karnit Aharoni 

Production Assistance | Yotam Michael Yogev


Created with assistance of the Arts & Culture branch, Arts Department, Tel Aviv Municipality and the Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts Tel Aviv.

Supported by the Intimadance festival 2018

Review on The Jerusalem Post

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To watch the full piece with password press here

"This peace is filled with beauty, a lot of talent, imagination, original thinking, smart humor and human sincerity were put in to it"…

…"It's great to see Idit back on stage again, stronger than ever filled with motivation. As always it’s a pleasure to see Oryan, a fantastic dancer and an interesting artist" Ora Brafman, The Jerusalem Post

"A show that makes you want to fly with it… a combination of visual theatre, dance and stand-up comedy, that manages to break each of the genre’s rules" Selit Mivtach, ynet

​"Herman is kind of a fragile thing that Yohanan wraps up to keep whole… with Yohanan's efforts to remove the nylon wrap and Herman's insistence to keep the space covered in it, there’s a realization that the attempt to fill the bears great fear: not only fear of being left broken, but also fear of moving on as a new whole." Idit Suslik, Ha'ayin Ha'achshavit


15/12/2018 TanzFaktur Koln, Germany

 15/9/2018 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

30/8/2018 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

11/8/2018 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

29/6/2018 Intimadance Festival, Tmuna Theater, Tel-Aviv

28/6/2018 Intimadance Festival, Tmuna Theater, Tel-Aviv 

27/6/2018 Intimadance Festival, Tmuna Theater, Tel-Aviv

Interview with Yuval Meskin
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