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A solo for female body and recycled paper

יניב דרוקר 02.jpg

When Oryan was born, her grandmother asked: 'What is it?' and after hearing it is a girl, she casually responded: 'Oh well, next time a son, Amen.' And so, in an instant, she determined that the female gender is worth less than the male. That carries less value in the family unit. Within the religious-secular social structure the artist grew up in, she began to understand a life fact: as a woman, her gender places her in constant danger.

Gender roles are defined in the Hebrew dictionary as “the sum of rights and obligations related to the behavior which is considered appropriate for men and women in the society. These norms affect the way a person acts in their personal life”.


In I-Dare-U, Oryan seeks to challenge and sometimes break gender roles and femininity rules. She explores ways to live in accord with her varying identities, searching to break free from the need to belong, accepting herself as a misfit.

I-Dare-U is a multidisciplinary piece, combining movement, visual arts, text and sound to manifest the rich variety of ways through which one can identify and be heard. A clear sheet of recycled paper is being manipulated on stage, reflecting the destruction and reconstruction of the body. And so, as the material is slowly decomposing, the body is revealed

Creation, Design, Performance | Oryan Yohanan

Soundtrack Design | Nadav Barnea

Lighting Design | Ofer Laufer

Artistic Guidance | Sahar Azimi

Stage Manager | Yoni Tal

Created on occasion and in assistance of "Dance Arena Festival", Jerusalem 2016.

Supported by Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts & Clipa Theater


To watch the full performance with password, press the link

The piece was chosen by the critic Ora Brafan as The Best Solo Creation of 2018:
"At the international dance week held in Jerusalem in December this year, Oryan Yohanan's new work stood out, one of the most impressive dancers in the Israeli contemporary dance scene, and in my opinion, her work is the most interesting out of the ones I have seen. ​
The work reflects a wise creator with a body that behaves elegantly in the context of its artistic expression. Oryan is one of those who understand that less can be more. She uses sheets of lightweight recycled paper, a container of black paint, and a pair of thick paint brushes to mark and define her identity differently in an environment of decomposable matter. ​

There is something that vibrates with tension between her strong, bold physical presence on stage and the material choices that make up the aesthetic space within which she moves, all of which is white paper, pure, fragile and crisp. The internal war surrounds her all the way through, exposing and covering, revealing and hiding. This is evident at the very beginning when she stands with her back to the audience, with her body exposed, her head dropped forward, so that the dark hair covers her face, which she does not reveal too often. The knees are soft but the body is hard. The hands twist, contort, as if seeking to share with the viewer a diagram of feelings, without sharing facial expressions, as a sign of weakness, of a more specific expression that might allow the gaze to penetrate the hard, brittle shell. It is a calculated and intelligent work in which all the performative choices were made with impressive and touching sophistication." Ora Brafman, DanceTalk

"Oryan Yohanan is known as a beautiful dancer with great technical abilities, and is also known for her hunger to experiment in innovative works. When you look at her, it is hard to imagine that there is a discrepancy between her beauty and the perfection she radiates and the torn and tormented world inside her. This tension is the theme of her impressive dance recital, which was created after a long process of research and discovery. It radiates credibility and captures the viewers with its power... Oryan Yohanan conveys her compressed internal charges which are bursting out, her body is an amazing instrument for performance, and she has the courage to expose herself and also dive deep into serious work, without shortcuts. The result speaks for itself. It's a show in which even after the lights go out, the intensity of the experience continues to go with you." Ruth Eshel, Ha'aretz

"I-Dare-U by Oryan Yohanan is a great dance piece; original, calculated, emotional (not to mention tormented) without a drop of self-pity or sentimental fat."  Marit Ben Israel, City of Happiness

"Oryan Yohanan's personal and moving piece presents an intimate portrait of a multi-faceted female being. In it, Yohanan reveals herself not only as an excellent performer with an endless range of physical and expressive qualities, but also as a fascinating creator who controls with impressive skill both the movement composition and the plastic material, and through them brings to the stage surprising and beautiful images of femininity and masculinity, the private and the social, and the space in between them" Idit Suslik, Achbar Hair, Best Dance Works of 2016


16/3/2019 Mash Festival Machol Shalem, Berlin Germany

4/12/2018 International Exposer Machol Shalem, Jerusalem

28/7/2018 Mazia Theater, Jerusalem

19/7/2018 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

30/11/2017 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

29/11/2017 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

27/10/2017 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

6/10/2017 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

26/5/2017 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

25/5/2017 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

6/10/2016 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

5/10/2016 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

15/9/2016 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

6/8/2016 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

5/8/2016 Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv

17/6/2016 Dance Arena Festival, Mazia Theater, Jerusalem

13/6/2016 Dance Arena Festival, Mazia Theater, Jerusalem

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