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A work which becomes validated by the viewer’s gaze

In an era of digital technologies, when the lack of physical intimacy and the consumption of false online presentations become our daily life standard, Oryan Yohanan explores how individual and autonomic actions of different characters can co-exist in a shared space. Home(?) presents a futuristic, post-apocalyptic possibility, where the relationships between the characters in a no man's land can only receive its meanings through the viewer’s presence.

From the press:
"Many times, the end goal of the artist is to create a shock, or throw the viewer into chaos to then create their own personal world of images for them. If so, the feeling of alienation and uncanniness definitely came through. Home(?) presents a futuristic, post-apocalyptic possibility, i.e. in a world of utter chaos, after a catastrophe. The feeling of alienation and dis-communication arises throughout most of the piece. As mentioned, firstly there is a tenderness, and unity of opposites towards the end, though everything is frail after the destruction. A unique and original piece.” - Michal Doron "Where the Wind Blows

Interview with the artist for Jerusalem Post about Home(?)

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31/12/19 Wind Woman solo, Hazor Haglilit Community Center

22/12/19 Ground Woman solo, Shaar Hanegev Community Center

6/11/19 Wind Women solo, Green Art Hall, Nazareth Elite

7/9/19 Premiere 21:00 Inbal Theatre

6/9/19 Premiere 14:00 Inbal Theatre

5/9/19 Premiere 21:00 Inbal Theatre

2/9/19 Pre-premiere

28/8/19 Pre-premiere

Artistic Director, Creation, Space and Costume Design, Production | Oryan Yohanan

Moon Woman | Gabrielle Neuhaus

Wet Man | Shay Partush

Ground Woman | Dana Zeharia

Beat Man | Ido Grinberg

Wind Woman | Shully Tseiger

Musical Arrangement | Hever Perlmuter

Soundtrack | Ophir Ilzetzki, Gal Hochberg, Satie

Light Design | Amir Castro

Artistic Adviser | Sahar Azimi

PR | Karnit Aharoni Bason

Stilts Design and Manufacture | Zohar Shoef

Produced with the support of Hapais council for culture and art.


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