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My Life Reserved in an Empty Plot | Video Artivism

In 2020, the number of women's referrals to welfare services following domestic violence skyrocketed, a phenomenon that escalated during lockdowns. One in three women who complained to the police about violence by their spouse was murdered. In a reality in which women's blood is a no man’s land, there seems to be no proper response and representation for women for whom violence, rape and life-threatening danger is part of the everyday.

In this video art work, the artist chose to commemorate the memory of the murdered women by collecting rocks from their tombstones and carrying their weight on her body. Later, as a symbolic act, she throws her weight back at men, as a way of calling on collective responsibility, hoping that one day, women, no matter where, will no longer have to fear for their bodies and lives

Credits -

Film, Performance, Creation, Design, Production and Text | Oryan Yohanan

Artistic Adviser | Idit Herman

Photography | Eran Bril and Elian Valaji

Editing | Rotem Meyers

Soundtrack | Shmulik Sterenfeld

Participants | Anderson Andre Braz, Noam Carmeli, Edo Ceder, Liron Ozeri, Sascha Engel, Or Mashiah, Reches Itzhaki, Tal Lubin, Avimor Mamaa and Rafael Haugas.

Sponsored by Clipa Theatre and created as part of Five Fingers project for activist art 2020

חיי שמורים בחלקה פנויה

More or Less is More

Plastic site specific theatrical work. Created according to the dimensions of a market stall in Ben Yehuda market in Jerusalem as part of From Jaffa to Agripas Festival 2016.

Artistic Director | Elad Shechter

Rehearsal Manager | Mor Nardimon

Soundtrack | Gal Hochberg and Simon Hofman

When I woke up, there it was. I had a message from you.

Any way I was restless, all night long, I was rest less is more

I woke up and there it was


War Room

A physical research of the action of obsession as a state and as an image.

By using sellotape, the artist weaved temporary boundaries as a shelter of security, though a false one.

​War Room is a performance of a woman looking for peace in a shattered reality.

To watch the Trailer click here


In 2014, following Oryan's studies in Assaf Rahat's painting class, the two decided to collaborate in creating a performance for the opening of Rahat's exhibition, Chimera at Shlush Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

During the creation process, they invited the harpist and performer Adaya Godlevsky.

Rahat created a number of objects using a thread technique, which Oryan and Adaya worked with in the joint performance..


People Simple

In 2011, Oryan and the musician Gal Hochberg started to collaborate as a collective of research in improvisation with technology.

The two combined sensor technology which sends movement impressions from the working space to a computer, on which Gal created musical sequences that were controlled by Oryan through her physical actions

To watch the work click here

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