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No Blood Relation. Ever
Circular floor feminine duet

ללא קשר דם לעולם דואט נשים במרחב מעגלי ונמוך

A women's duet in a circular and low space where they are threaded and unthreaded into different identities. In a world of plastic images and changing gravity forces, will the physical field between them determine their fate?

Between us there’s a small space and a lot of silence.
Parting ways
We do not belong nor permitted.
Electrically Charged in space,
breaking down into lots of particles where the glitter glows.
With no blood relation. Ever


From the press:

“Yohanan’s tribute work as a creator shows great talent, and the performance itself is impressive, for instance the transitions between the slow movements which leave a trail of memory of the body in space, and the quick movements, like an animal that was there for a blink of the eye and disappeared. Yohanan is especially wonderful in her performative radiance, technical skill and beauty.” Ruth Eshel, Haaretz

“The performance in large is of great quality and the combination between the two performers is perfect” Zvi Goren, The Stage


Choreography and Dance | Oryan Yohanan

Dancer | Noa Rozental

Artistic Guidance | Sahar Azimi

Soundtrack | Gal HocHberg

Light Design | Dani Fishof\ Amir Castro


1/11/2014 Suzann Dellal, Tel-Aviv

31/10/2014 Suzann Dellal, Tel-Aviv

30/10/2014 Between Haven & Earth Festival, Jerar Bachar Theater, Jerusalem

8/8/2014 Suzann Dellal, Tel-Aviv

25/6/2014 Dance Arena Festival, Mazia Theater, Jerusalem

24/6/2014 Dance Arena Festival, Mazia Theater, Jerusalem

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